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Woman, you don’t know me and I’m sure that you get this a lot but, you really should not have said what you said. I am not here to yell at you. I do not hate you. I do not hate you at all. I am rather discontent about your statement. Now, reading this very long essay or not is all up to you (I don’t even know if you will see this anyways). However, if you do see this, I definitely recommend you to read it. 

If you left it at “people should say no to wars and try to solve them peacefully” then, I think that everything would have been okay. But, in your statement, you specifically downgraded the entire military. 

Military men and women deserve so much. Civilians are allowed to do whatever they wish to do. Civilians can see their family whenever they wanted to. If there is something that regular people do not like, they don’t have to like it and they can avoid it. However, military people cannot. They have to obey their commanders and do what they are told. They serve the country and the people. They fight and take bullets for people they don’t even know. And yes, these people may have a choice to be involved with the military or not but some of them don’t have a choice. For some people, this is the only way they can survive in this world. This world is not an easy place to live in. It is filled with so much competition, hatred, debt and more! Some people really do not have the resources to make sure that they can provide food, warmth and a home to protect and care for their loved ones.

Everything that happens in this world is a matter of survival. 
And, just because people fight in this world whether it be with weapons or not, does not mean that there is no love in this world. You have to have a little bit of good and a little bit of bad. There needs to be a balance in this world. 

You can apologize to everyone right now but I cannot guarantee you that everyone will love you again. You might not understand the military point of view but you can imagine it - if you have an imagination. I am a simple girl who has never experienced the military lifestyle but I can definitely imagine it. And from how I see it - it is a very tough lifestyle. It is stressing and frustrating as well. 

I think what you need to do is try to see life from other people’s point of views. 

And also, serving the country is a real job. If it wasn’t, then who would protect the country? If it wasn’t a real job, I believe that this world would have collapsed immediately. There would be chaos everywhere. Without jobs and without reinforcements,etc, there is no order. Everything will eventually go out of hand. 

I do not mean to sound like a creep but from looking around and from what I’ve heard, you were a psychology major. I don’t understand how you cannot see this or understand that. 

That is all.

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